Health & Wellness Index

Our artificial intelligence and machine learning based indexes leverage health data to create a picture of any patient’s condition over time - any age, any disease.


Our AI derives one simple score from your health data


Think of it like a FICO Score for your health!

We are building a portfolio of health and wellness indexes for a range of disease conditions by aggregating health data and trends to provide continuous and predictive care.

Remote Patient Monitoring Wellness Index

A single score, based on the Rothman Index, providing an easily understood picture of a patient’s general health condition so caregivers and clinicians can spend less time parsing data and instead work on treating patients.

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Behavioral Health Index

Cooey’s platform enables enhanced integration of behavioral care by providing ongoing biometric data to attending healthcare providers.

This enables proactive monitoring of a patient's behavioral health with tools such as PHQ-9, GAD-7, SDOH and INTERHEART risk score; controlling costs while providing greater continuity of care for members

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Our Purpose

Making remote care accessible to all and bringing equity to healthcare.

Start providing personalized remote care for your members.