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Deliver remote care programs that integrate physical and behavioral health solutions while optimizing for billing processes.

Empowering Healthcare Providers

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A Partner to Fulfill your Remote Care Implementation Potential

By putting clinicians and patients at the center of health care, our system enables workflows that improve physiological and behavioral health outcomes for patients, and financial outcomes for Providers using our unique billing processes.



Every provider is unique in terms of where they are in the remote patient care journey. We meet you where you are while saving time and capital.

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User Accessibility

Implement effective processes that make remote digital health solutions easy to use and accessible to patients.

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Workflow Integration

Maintain and integrate with existing workflows for fast deployment of remote care services.

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Health Outcomes

Remotely manage a host of chronic diseases and behavioral health conditions to improve health outcomes.

Our Solutions

Enable transforming health data into actionable insights to provide continuous and predictive care even outside clinical settings

Remote Care

A platform that enables whole-person health seamlessly integrating physical and behavioral health solutions.

Revenue Cycle Management

Our platform extends our solutions into billing and revenue cycle management. 


Our Purpose

Making remote care accessible to all and bringing equity to healthcare.

Start providing personalized remote care for your members. Clear up your billing bottlenecks.


What Our Partners Are Saying...

"This program helps me stay connected to my doctor and the care coordinator is very attentive to make sure I am doing well"

Patient using Cooey for Chronic Care Management

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